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This ministry help those who need encouragement to increase their prayer life. We believe that prayer changes things & the bible says that "the prayer of a righteous man availeth much". We are praying that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven.


Our Vision is to bring about changes to this world so that God can move through his prophetic Word and the people of God move (by the power of the Holy Ghost) from bondage to freedom, failure to success, poverty to prosperity, rejection to acceptance, and disgrace to honor.


 MG 5640

We believe that what was meant for the destruction of the Lord's people through the Holy Spirit can be subdued, and the people can be set free. All things can be done through Christ and through him change can be made with you. The Lord is a comforter, He is a strong tower, He is a place of refuge and strength.


Through the will and love of God, the Floodgates of Heaven would like to share the joy of being in the Lord's presence, and providing a place to fellowship and to be healed by the works of the Lord.


We believe that the word and love of God should be demonstrated throughout our daily lives and through this ministry as we reach out to those in need of salvation, reach out to those that need healing, and reach out to those that seek change.


We believe that through the Holy Spirit and demonstration of the word, we can help everyone to understand and experience the joy of the Lord.


The Floodgates of Heaven offers the Prayer Line to assist others with their prayer life (Please see the Prayer Line Section). Consultations are provided for personal one on one time with the Pastor of the Floodgates of Heaven to assist you with understanding how to go about solving your problems through Christ and the Holy Spirit (Please see the time and directions section).

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