Prayer Line

prayer_line.jpgPlease join Prophet Ofori and the Floodgates of Heaven Church family on a live prayer conference line, as we take back what the devil has stolen from us "by force and by fire". The Prayer line is also a form of Church service, calling from the comfort of your home. So join us as we break every stubborn yoke and set the captives free. We will minister and pray together as a family and chase all our enemies to flee from us...


Below is the prayer line information:


Wednesdays: 9:00PM Eastern Time (U.S.A and CANADA)


Thursdays: 9:00PM Eastern Time (U.S.A and CANADA)


Saturdays: 9:00PM Eastern Time( U.S.A and CANADA)


Dial-in Number: 1-805-309-5912

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